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Approximately 56,000 children under five die annually in Myanmar – 43,000 of them younger than 1 month.

RfP Myanmar is currently undertaking initiatives to advance and strengthen multi-religious collaboration for child protection. 
These projects aim to deliver important services to support vulnerable children and their families and strengthen child protection systems. Implemented in the Southern Shan State, Bago West, Ayeyawaddy and Yangon Regions within 13 townships and 20 villages of 8 districts, the child protection project in Myanmar so far has succeeded in –

  • Forming 20 Community Support Groups (CSGs) consisting from 3-14 members each who were trained on child protection issues; 
  • Starting Community Learning Corners in 5 villages where 150-300 children per month can go play and learn whilst parents and care takers also have opportunities to get information on health and hygiene matters as well as on child protection issues; 
  • Establishing a drop-in center for vulnerable street children where around 40 children have so far received formal education and/or vocational training; 
  • Providing educational support to 4,801 children from 12 remote villages where there are no active NGOs or INGOs; and 
  • Raising awareness on child survival issues among 341 pregnant women, young mothers and care takers in poor urban areas.

RfP Myanmar’s implementing partners include Ratana Metta Organization (Buddhist); Karuna Myanmar Social Services (Catholic); Positive Muslim Group (Muslim); Urban Rural Mission (Protestant); Urban Rural Mission (Protestant); Yangon Kayin Baptist Women’s Association (Christianity). RfP Myanmar was established in September 2012 and is the country’s first full-fledged representative and action-oriented interreligious body for reconciliations, peace and development. It brings together all of the major religious institutions of Myanmar, including the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy; the Ratana Metta Organization (Buddhist); the Myanmar Council of Churches (MCC); the Catholic Church; the Sanatan Hindu Organization in Myanmar; and the Islamic Center of Myanmar. 


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